The Blue Momentum Project comprises the complete description of 'physics' and the mechanisms of the universe in their entirety.The project is the result of a 4 year intense and uncompromised research starting from scratch. I initially began with a purpose directed towards understanding the nature of 'energy'. I now share with the world all of what i know. Blue momentum describes and explains the basis of all known physical laws at their precise roots.The document includes the successful unification of the Higgs and electromagnetic fields (ie. gravitational & electromagnetic forces) and consequently unifies all the 4 known fundamental forces of nature.This concludes the unified field theory. The following are explained in extensive detail-

Nature,structure,composition and mechanisms of the universal field (higgs field); Dark matter→ formation,composition,structure; Gravity→ structure, mechanism (unification with QM); Basis of the equivalency principle; Basis of magnetism; Basis of all physical laws and observed effects (newton's laws,barnetts effect...); Basis of charge→ its precise mechanism; Particles and their composition; Boson size and formation; Basis of entropy (and therefore thermodynamics); Formation of non-stellar black holes, their insides(state of matter inside a black hole), their evaporation mechanism; Formation of dark matter galaxies; Structure,formation and mechanism for -ve energies; Precise amount of antimatter in the universe→ its structure and formation; Mass→ its precise structure and interaction mechanism; Singularities→ formation,internal structure,composition,operating mechanism and interaction; Entanglement→structure, mechanism; State of information in the universe.... you get the point.

All mechanisms and processes have been rigoursly simulated in intensive data consuming and highly fluid computer simulations.

The universe like most men, is easy; yet when you solve everything in one go, the amount of knowledge and understanding that you are introduced to is an explorer's delight; the feeling is overwhelming; the feeling is grand.


Every sentence,paragraph,page is in a continuim ie: simply connected. The content is in a highly fluid form and is intended as such. From start to finish it is a single unit; a story that can be thoroughly understood when read in the proper order..

........ like good little children.

The following may be applied by those wishing to analyze and engage thoroughly (purists, researchers, intense physicists,passionate woodsmen…) and may also be used by casual readers.

1) isolate yourself-no phones,doorbells,nosy relatives or booty calls.

2) since you will be involved in intense activity,viewing the concepts from different angles and relating them to your own present knoweledge you will require energy- so keep food, water & juice with you at all will also require a pair of imaginary scissors and a few exclamation marks.

3) print the pages(with pg nos.)so that it is easy to go back and forth and make notes.

4) you will need all your books,references,notes so that information is immediately available when required. If you know yourself thoroughly then just go ahead and do your thing.

It is a simple read but some sentences or pages may convey excessive information at times.

A note for scientists and people involved with the sciences-

There are some rules i have listed --a ' before reaching out to me' checklist on the contact page. Here are the basics— know your stuff in as much detail as possible; to the point where you feel you know enough; after which you start all over again. you better be sure of your understanding of the basic concepts; so much so that you can stake all your possesions and your life on it. It is with such intensity that you approach something as critical as the unified theory because as mentioned on the pages of this site, the knowledge has led me inevitably to 2 almost superimposed projects- 'evolution' and 'theory of everything'. Therefore, as can be inferred, both the above require a spectacular degree of precision where no probabilistic assumptions work and are by default reduced to zero. 'Evolution' has been completed as well but inspite of its simplicity (even more than unified theory) it is 20,000 times more exhaustive ; and that number, is me being modest. I mix the two right protiens = i create poodles that look like unicorns and can fly. I mix the wrong ones = apes are going to start wondering why they bothered to evolve in the first place. So, it is hard to imagine the rigour of the beautiful discoveries that yet await us.
This is the stuff of the gods
And i want my warp drive!