SkyPod updates

This is with intent to inform;
The SkyPod project will be completed well before the previously scheduled date. X'mas is early this year.
We have modified the maiden landing site to charon instead of pluto.

Lisa boudin
Head of operations - SkyPod project
Project advisor - Blue momentum project

Without getting too technical about the design info, a few faq's are answered below.

Frequently Asked

1) How does the pod work?

At the very core, the requirement is for removal of all fundamental force interactions of nature. This causes zero net force on the vehicle and in this neutral state its motion is easily controlled.

2) Does it use a lot of fuel? What kind?
No fuel!! This isn’t rocket science!

3) How does it move?
In the zero net state the slightest most insignificant force such as a push from your pinky is enough to cause very high accelerations on the pod. This sensitivity is exploited by using photons in sets of two(entangled) to maneuver it. In simpler words - it 'glides' through space like jello.

4) How fast can it really fly?
In reality there is actually no limit to warp speed. Skypod will be intially caped at 8c.(8 times the speed of light) Since a single photon is capable of accelerating it, with the present design, 100c-150c is comfortably reachable.

5) Will something happen to me at 8c? What will i feel?
You will feel nothing-not even the movement of the pod. Since the forces have already been nullified (including gravitational force) there will be no g forces acting on you or the pod. You will be the same as you are in your everyday life.

6) Will travelling faster than light make my brother age faster than me? Will he be 80 years old when i get back?
No and no. Such Relativity only applies to objects travelling near the speed of light and for longer durations. Beyond that limit relativity vanishes and time becomes absolute. So if you leave earth at 7:30 in the morning while your family is having breakfast, then you can have your own breakfast on mars and be back to join your family at 7:31. No one gets older or younger.

7) How healthy do i need to be to fly? What are the physical requirements?
Again, since all the fundamental interactions are cancelled inside the pod, there is no minimum physical requirement. People with pace makers, hearing aids or any other metal, non-metal or electronic implants can experience warp without a hitch. The pod (just like the universe) treats everyone the same!

8) Does the pod have some kind of shield to protect from space debris?
Not in a conventional sense. The motion and acceleration of the vehicle creates a self induced shield outside of it. Any debris, meteor or even large bulky asteroids are ‘warped’ around the pod as it approaches them. The external object can be quite massive but it still doesn’t compare to the speed/acceleration of the pod. Since mass & energy (acceleration) are equivalent, at 8 times c the pod is magnitudes of energy higher than any external object and can with ease redirect its own motion as well as theirs . In other words, the faster you go-the stronger you are.

9) Who will pilot skypod?
Automated computing systems designed purposefuly for the pod.

10) What kind of computing does it use?
A total of three A.I systems have been built specifically for the pod. The first controls all aspects of the internal environment while the second system controls all in-flight or sky events. They work together in tandem and exchange & feed all data to a third primary system. The job of the pod’s primary A.I is to act as a reflector and stream the data back to the two systems without telling them that the stream they just received is their own. This amplifies the parallel processing efficiency of the systems exponentially and makes them highly integrated.

11) Can i call my friends from mars like they do on the international space station?
Yes! In devoloping the various A.I systems for skypod from scratch, a notable but temporary road block occurred when we attempted to sync the systems together.It doesn't hurt to have the worlds strongest and smartest coder on our team (momoko) to deal with this. She developed the only existant ∞ bit encryption protocol which is now used through out skypod's primary. It was only when we asked ourselves the above same question that we realised it could be used for communications as well.The infinity part of the encrypted code is still a finite number of bits but processed infinitely in a particular (set) order.This is what caused the highly integrated form factor of skypod's systems mentioned in the previous question. For technical enthusiasts and cryptographers-- this means the encryption is neither symmetric nor asymmetric and makes transmission of any signal lossless. For the tweety bird-- this means you can make calls and update your tweets from mars relaying your cell phone signals instantaneously as apposed to 4+ hours it would normally take to reach earth.

12) Will skypod make space commercialization a reality?
Skypod is not meant to be commercialized. As stated on level 2 only aeropod will be made available to the general population. So , the jetson lifestyle is still a little into the future.

// information regarding pod ticket bookings and availability will be posted here.