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Multiple orgasms is a chapter from the paper which decribes how the universe has sex. It explains several different concepts/mechanisms and phenomenon ( gravitational waves,dark matter..etc) taking place one after the other and integrates them to produce one single spectacular event.This small little pragraph is my personal favourite as i distinctly remember the rush felt through the interiors of my nogin while forming the idea. Neither figuring out the precise mechanism for gravitation nor the reflective nature of the Higgs field gave me such a high; not even close.The following is a more detailed interpretation of this cosmic booty call.

Space-time flows from everywhere to everywhere like an ocean. Its waters experience different energies from time to time- still and calm at some places- rapid and wild at others. When the energy increases in the wild parcels, a single long spaghetti like wave separates and detaches itself from the rest of the ocean waters. This kind of an excitement of a wave is called a gravitational wave. The wave having separated from the rest of the flowing waters of space-time, now swims freely within these waters curving gently,smoothly,sensually & unrestrained knowing its about to get some...and so the foreplay begins.
The wave slowly over time due to its own gravity, starts to fold inward wrapping its legs around the waist of the ocean; caressing and sqeezing the space(waters) between its spirals. Once the wave has folded entirely into a spiral with its partner (water/space-time vacuum) firmly inbetween, the two lovers with their legs, waist shoulders and arms locked, sway into an inevitable rhythm. The wave starts compressing inward and with it the waters between its spirals. This compression generates a much necessary tension between the two and creates an intense amount of heat. The two partners are now in an unstoppable momentum, their bodies writhing and rubbing against each other and their loud groans growing stronger eventually building up an uncontrollable magnitude of heat; so much so as to bring the two lovers to the point of burning up not only themselves but the 2nd law of thermodynamics as well. The heat is felt by either at every single part of their bodies- from head to toe and every throbbing muscle and vein in between. You would think them to stop but their inhibitions by this time are almost non-existant. They are conscious of every angle and fold of their overlaping bodies yet in their madness they are too deep. As the g-wave becomes even more compact every passing second, it squeezes more intensely the vacuum of space it holds within till finally each voluptuous pulsating spiral that embraces the considerably burning yet hard thighs of its lover feels a sudden heat shockwave as it is released in one quite flavourful rhythm.

But the passion is far far far from over.The incredible pressure of the g-wave has now caused the compressed vacuum to solidify and take the form of a dark kind of matter. The waters have been condensed and have become solid.(just as liquid water freezes to form solid ice) The gods remain seduced and watch these two entangled energies hoping to master their technique while knowing very well, none will ever compare. As the lovers approach the brink of collapsing and passing out, they remain only so slightly conscious. Each mutual touch and hold of the two bodies is a seemingly impossible precision that no fibonacci number could have ever anticipitated. At the very edge of their climax the now solid muscular waters arc their naked backs away from the g-wave pounding forcefully on the wave's chest ; their moans and thrills quaking the skies and just as they are about to completely let go, the brightest of lights, 10000 times the luminosity of the sun, appears→ on the utmost threshhold when the g-wave can no longer spiral & compress inwards and the system cannot sustain its state, right at the center tip of the coiled wave a naked singularity is created.
For something so damn physical, sympathetic orgasms will certainly intoxicate. It doesn't really matter whether you are mortal or an immortal; a passion that does not consume— is it truly a passion? The progeny,that is the singularity, is energized by its parents(dark matter & g-wave) and starts to pull in both, absorbing them into a never-ending , never-pausing, never-decreasing & unadultrated bliss. The wave and the dark matter produced by its compression rapidly and agressively gush into the singularity as it spins towards its true purpose.The events initiated by the g-wave were only the magicians pledge and turn, both distractions, to reveal what was always there in clear sight ie. the singularity. It would be naive to assume that this is over; for the immovable singularity now spins and weaves from the swiftly inrushing dark matter, a black hole , with a mass bearing horizon. The surrounding g-wave if not absorbed completely applies pressure on the newly forming black hole affecting its rotational velocity and forming a disk around it. As the system stabalizes an active b-hole initiates the process of galaxy formation. In a very short while millions of children (stars) are ejected into space creating their own little solar systems. Everything else follows-
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G-wave folding enables the formation of b-holes of all types and sizes (stellar as well as non-stellar) including several other types of systems--super massive b-holes,non rotating b-holes,resonating disk b-holes,singularity spread b-holes,dark matter galaxies.