THis page describes fluid logic/fluid intelligence--how it operates in the Higgs field affecting neural processing in the brain and the basis of happiness.

Define happiness.— To a child happiness may be an icecream; to a scientist- a discovery; to a musician- a composition; to a journalist- a big story; to an artist-a perfect canvas;to a car enthusiast-a bugatti and to a wise person-inner peace. In all of these the entity we define as happiness, is understood. Knowledge, skill and experience are gained but their meaning is always understood. This 'entity' which is understood and cannot be defined is yet successfully interpreted by at the base all meaning is universal-all logic is the same for everyone.The pure logic or unadultrated meaning will be interpreted the same way, with the same quality and precisely the same magnitude by everyone. When all 'given' meaning is removed then all subjectivity is removed and you are left with the absolute and unchanging meaning that remains inspite of this removal. This final layer of 'meaning' is called fluid logic or fluid intelligence.*1[NB] To paraphrase Po-'this final layer is called awesomeness and there is literally no 'charge' for it'. This state of mind which is without any layered thoughts (ex- neural processes activated during lying or acting out pretense) produces a very very very free flow of the neurons. This state drastically and dramatically and rather instantly enhances the intellect of a person. Understand that time is relative only as long as you are as long as you act in a relative manner ex-a musician who requires an audience so as to bask in their applause. When you remove this need for applause then you literally dillute time.This is called ‘removal of the audience.’ Once time is dilluted the past,present and future appearences of it tend to merge into a single point. Scientifically speaking-when you remove layers of 'given' meaning you are in reality allowing your body,organs,cells..etc and their constituent p+, n°, e–(protons, neutrons,electrons) to move their inherent charges in an unrestricted free freely flowing. The higgs field is able to flow with minimum resistance through the particles increasing both the flux (amount of field) as well as the rate of flow -just as in gravitational free fall.Due to thier smaller size the charges of particles take control instead of gravity and flow freely like gravity(imitate gravity)and so, as is with free fall,all the particles and their charges now flow(fall) the same way. This is precisely like the flow of charge in a superconductor; when there is no resistance in the conductor the current flows freely in it, infinitely. So, getting back to the point— when excess unuseful information/given meaning is removed,with it, the relativity of time is removed (dilluted) as well.(because the particle charges are flowing faster and thier sped up velocity slows down time) Since the particles and the neurons they form, now flow without having to process,comprehend or analyse unecessary information they instantly (without a time delay;since relativity of time has been dilluted) enhance neural networking efficiency ( your intellect) at that very moment.The final result is a significantly improved fluid intelligence(logic) which is infact a prelude to the final surprise.The final surprise, is discovering the default emotion of the universe and why it is so...
The universe is an enormous quantum computing system running on autopilot. It abides by and runs on one absolute law— INTEGRATION. Any single particle that disintegrates this system is mercilessly discarded.
Be it an isolated proton in a far away galaxy or a beetle on an oddly shaped planet 200 light years across or a human being on earth. The cosmos is a single unit— a 'uni' verse. It can exist only as long as it remains integrated continuously without break. Every pixel of the universe is immovable and is therefore flowing via its reflection on to the next pixel. Their integration is such that the reflections of one pixel on the adjacent pixel are further reflected on the next one and so on.This way every single pixel over the entire entire entiirrree universe is reflected in every other all the time.This is how they remain integrated and the system keeps running.Now the fun part- our minds interpret logic the same way as does the mind of a butterfly; as does the mind of a monkey; as do the particles of a rock ie. as discussed , at the base all logic and meaning is absolute and the same for all(all charge flows the same way). Therefore when something integrates, it activates the electrical switch/activates the charge, just as in a computer with binary value=1=true; and when something disintegrates the logical outcome =false ie binary value=0. Over many years of evolution the 'logic' itself evolves into different forms or avatars. We know about one such form of logic→ emotions. Emotions are an evolved form of logic and not separate from it. The universe operates via this simple logic of 1 & 0 ie. integration=1/disintegration=0. This logic is interpreted by the brain as the emotion of happiness and less hapiness. When the disintegration is in excess the happiness keeps decreasing and we term this as sadness. The point is that when you integrate you are acting out the logical parameters of the universe and therfore are in sync with the flow of the Higgs field in this universal computer; and so you say things like 'the universe is on my side'. When you disintegrate, the flow of the Higgs field through every particle of every tissue of your body is opposed ie.a resistance (besides asymmetry) is introduced in the charges of the p+, n° ,e– 's of the body obfuscating them from flowing as freely as they otherwise would, as in a superconductor or in the universe.There. It was that simple.This is logic by which an 'emotion' operates.It has always been a mechanical process yet the 'feeling' that your emotions give you never seems so. The universe is just a play of our moods.
It is in the universal nature that only integrative information is kept and processed and disintegrative information is ultimately discarded(not stored) or expressed by the alleles. In the evolutionary future all unecessary layers of meaning (zero's) are eroded--countries are integrated as people identify themselves as 'human' and not by nationality.Work ethics change as the sense and understanding of indivisual identity evolves-you wont have agents or managers or assistants or feel the emotional need to satisfy an 'ego'. 'Ego boost' will be self induced; an indivisual will be self motivated infinitely. logic will be instantly( without time delay) understod and applied since disintegrative logic/emotions have been discarded,speeding things up. So, after female, male & intersex forms — singular/unified humans emerge rapidly ie.integration.*2[NB] The point? —more the integration, more the fluidity of logical flow, lesser the time taken for signaling in the brain( and the body) and therefore more frequent the encountering of the integrative logical switch (1/true) and hence more frequent the processing of this switch as its associated emotion ie. happiness. Further study reveals that not just happiness but all positive emotions are direct evolutes of integrative logic.The H° field is neutral but a scalar entity ie. it is by virtue a single unit/integrated system.Thus if all emotional processes of a human being were to be paused ,the final logic when interpreted would exhibit a mild form of pleasure which is infinitely non vanishing/non-zero. In other words- 'the cosmos is genetically predispositioned to being happy.'

10,000 more pages till the magnitude of details become unbearable! so i will summarize with a simple equation-

icecream = happiness

[NB]*2 without internal/external physiological and genetic distinctions or expressions or coding.

[NB]*1 This absolute unchanging meaning is the direct result of a universe that cancels or null's all its energy continously to remain a singular unit hence producing singular direct result of a perfect system.Perfect systems produce perfect waves-they create perfect logic.