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This page will guide you on how to purchase pod tickets, blue momentum papers and conference passes; and other nitty gritties.


A total of one thousand tickets will be distributed in general and privilege categories. All pod journeys are scheduled for july, august, september 2023.

These tickets are meant for the general population. They are priced at $55,000 & $65,000 for child and adult respectively. An individual ticket reserves the holder a seat on Skypod with a single predetermined destination which in this case will be the earth's natural satellite. (moon)

These tickets are for privileged individuals. They are priced for $2.75M each. An individual ticket reserves the holder a seat on Skypod with three predetermined destinations which in this case will be the earth’s natural satellite (moon), Pluto’s natural satellite (Charon) and Mars.

skypod sample ticket.A rectangular pink glittering ticket for the privilage category.The bird logo covers the ticket with such details printed over it- alex stevenson destination-reload page to view image
(sample tickets)


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Price: ¥462000
Dialect: British english
Words: 3620
Book code: BLUM01
Format: pdf

Price: ¥462000
Dialect: British english
Words: 3270
Book code: BLUM02-MIX
Format: pdf

Price: ¥462000
Dialect: British english
Words: 3700
Book code: BLUM03-UNITE
Format: pdf

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Price: ¥462000
Dialect: British english
Words: 4030
Book code: BLUM04-VOD
Format: pdf

Price: ¥462000
Dialect: British english
Words: 2520
Book code: BLUM05-BDPHY
Format : pdf

Blue momentum is a 5 part paper consisting of - blue momentum, mixology, when strong women & strong men unite, voda and the badass physicist. All in continuation and meant to be read in the same order.

BLUE MOMENTUM - describes composition,structure of the higgs field, its interaction with matter, matter-antimatter ratio....

BLUE MOMENTUM MIXOLOGY- describes mass, dark matter formation....

BLUE MOMENTUM WHEN STRONG WOMEN AND STRONG MEN UNITE - describes gravity, its precise mechanism, inertial-gravitational mass relation, bosons & their fibonacci relation....

BLUE MOMENTUM VODA - describes magnetism, entropy, precise mechanism of particle charge,formation of stellar & super super super massive black holes, gravitational waves...contains the most viewed, read and discussed chapter - 'multiple orgasms'

BLUE MOMENTUM THE BADASS PHYSICIST - describes naked singularities, their precise inner structure, size of a ring singularity, precise mechanism of boson formation during implicit-explicit breaks, reasoning and mechanism of magnetism in superfluids....

Young professionals/fellows/undergraduates working in the related scientific fields can avail half of the first paper free of charge. Should you wish to purchase succesive papers then the student/university waivers mentioned below will still apply for you. This freebie is for a limited time only. (till 28 july 2022) To receive the blue momentum paper send us an email request with subject line 'freebie momentum paper ' to neo-science (see contact pg)
The prices for the blue momentum papers are different for different currencies and not based on your geographical region. When you mail us your request you must include the currency in which you would like to pay. While it may be beneficial to pay in another currency than your own local one (eg- jpy¥) you should check with your card issuer/bank for currency conversion and/or other fee applicable to you. Also keep in mind that the reduced prices for jpy¥ and other currencies are valid till 15 august 2022 (excluding the first paper) Post this date all currency amounts revert back to the original usd price equivalent. The free download of 50% of the 1st paper is available till 28 july 2022. It is available in these regions — iceland, norway, sweden, finland, netherlands, denmark, faroe islands, switzerland, japan, south korea. The 2nd half is priced at $2500 and discounted to $2300 if you purchase or have purchased a penmanship subscription. It is also available till the same date. Post this period the price will revert back to its original usd price. see price table here and here.

Penmanship Subscriptions
Working on our projects we have learned and acquired in depth knowledge on various subjects and fields including evolution, psychology, nutrition, space exploration, neuroscience, medical bay’s..etc. Articles on such topics as well as additional bluM paper content can be accessed via subscribing to our monthly penmanship. Here you receive a minimum of one and a maximum of ten articles every month in your inbox.( depending on how many we write in the said month) While anyone can subscribe, this has been created purposefuly with students in mind. The monthly charge is $10 (payable anually) and amounts to $100 for a year.(you save $20) To request a subscription send an email to neo-science(contact pg) with subject line - purchase subscription.

Schools/colleges/academic/non-academic institutions

Penmanship Subscriptions are available on yearly basis for $15000 payable in full.

How to purchase
Send us an email request with subject line ‘book purchase’ to neoscience. (see contact pg)
Mention the book name(s) , code(s) , preferred currency & whether you are a student (to receive discounts) in your mail. A payment link along with your invoice is sent to you. On successful payment completion your book is delivered within 2 consecutive days (including holidays)
Only a single copy of each book can be purchased this way.

GIFTING (available in december)
Only a single copy of a book can be purchased unless you are gifting. To gift a copy include the email address(es) of the reciepient(s) in your mail. On payment completion the books will be delivered to their inbox.


Blue Momentum Conference [unified field theory]- The attendance fee is as follows

$1100 for academia professionals
$1100 for media persons
$960 for undergraduate students
$960 for general attendees
Free for invitees

AEROPOD Conference

Attendence fee - $1500 for all
Free for invitees
Preference given to academia professionals who will have attended blue momentum conference.

How to purchase
Send us an email request with subject line ‘confer pass purchase’ to neo-science. (see contact pg) Mention your name and category - general/student/academia. A payment link along with your invoice is sent to you. On successful payment completion your pass is delivered within 2 consecutive working days (mon-fri) To purchase multiple passes mention all recipients names along with thier categories and emails. On payment completion their passes are delivered to them within 2 consecutive working days.

Media passes
Send us an email request with subject line ‘confer pass purchase’ to your applicable mediaengine. (see medialounge) Mention the name(s) of the attending participants and their associated institution/agency. A payment link along with your invoice is sent to you. On successful payment completion your pass is delivered within 2 consecutive working days (mon-fri)

Post purchase- Forms and Id
At the end of the registration period an email with link to the form to be filled is sent to you wherin you need to mention clearly any special needs, food allergies, carry on’s ( mobile, laptop, imaginary friends..etc) , guide/service animals. Attach a valid id and send. Media attendees need to list all equipment they plan on bringing into the premises .

All amounts in USD($) unless stated.
Id is not required to purchase blue momentum papers.
No id/form is required for invitees (excluding media invitees)
A max of two media passes are distributed to a single agency.
Media equipment not listed on your forms will not be allowed in.


Undergraduate students/young working scientists can avail a 5% waiver on one or more of the blue momentum papers (applicable post 15 august 2022 for a ltd time period) as well as a 12% waiver on the attendence fee for each of the conferences. The then discounted blue momentum conference fee is $845 and aeropod conference fee is $1320. Note that the above discounts are regardless of your subject of study and applicable for a limited period only.

Universities that provide free education or those that charge under $3000 for entire courses can claim a 15% waiver for the blue momentum papers for their students; with perpetual lending rights also available for their own libraries. The waiver is granted by university expression for the same (and not to students independently) while library lending is a discounted annual agreement and may be renewed should the university continue to fulfil the above conditions.

1.) For a conference pass or pod ticket your mail must include your name as stated on your id which you provide for verification.Your conference pass and/or pod ticket have your name printed on them (see sample) therefore ensure that the name you provide matches the name on your id.
2.) The email you provide should be valid & accessible by you. Note that all important communication including your invoices,venue details, books & pass, confirmation letters..etc will be delivered on this email. (An alternate mode of contact can only be provided when filling in the registration form) Understand that the number of mails we receive for various other areas besides the above increases substantially everyday; so the email that you register with us is given priority & is first in line to be replied to and therefore cannot be changed later.
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(sample pass)

{A minimum age requirement is currently set for skypod journeys based on the mental state and maturity of populations- japan: 17 yrs, sweden- 19 yrs & rest of the world- 25yrs. This may be changed or removed when the time comes. Therefore adult pod ticket prices apply everywhere except japan.}
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