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The Blue momentum project is a research and development think tank for the theoretical and experimental applications of quantum and gravitational physics. It was established in 2016 and had its first breakthrough in 2018 with the discovery and completion of the unified field theory. For the ones unfamiliar with the so far progress; I am Johnathan bloom awesome – a researcher with a cleanliness compulsion, which among other reasons, forces me to live in isolation; Extensively an extremist; I am well funded and my perfectionist non compromising nature enables an unending passion for my subject. This project is my personal undertaking .


No stopping standing- The project initially was to remain a personal endeavour but has since, courtesy of my team, become open for public access. Its goals and achievements will now be shared with the world. We operate with a non profit objective and with a no stopping standing attitude. We do not spend time with charity/ fund raising events or wait for contributions or apply additional effort in such activities; Frankly, its a little boring. Instead, once a year we will open a channel for public contributions for a period of 30 days. Our focus remains in making our projects available to the masses, in part or whole, to fuel our successive projects. The whole point in sharing our projects with the rest of the planet is to benefit people in a practical way. Towards this end two categories have been created to enable the general population in experiencing what they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in terms of affordability. These general & privilege category phases will be applied to all our future projects. My team & i have been working non stop for the last 4 years and this fierce drive is here to stay. With our two projects till yet ( unified theory, skypod) a vast pool of possibility has been thrown open, much too familiar & similar to a sci fi future and we will take it all the freakin way. Its a lot more fun when things actually get done! This is our music and its time to let the universe know, how we rock n roll. All Systems Go.


A pod that can travel faster than light is being designed using the knowledge, information and conclusions of the unified theory/blue momentum research. Completion date was set for 25 December 2022; The project will be completed early.
Lisa, (our project advisor) who enjoys spontaneous travel insisted the skypod be experienced by the majority .In keeping with her wishes and our objective, we have made available limited access to the pod for about 1200 people.( 200 of these will be students who get to go on a skypod journey with multiple destinations completely free of cost.)
A third undertaking ,the aeropod, is a sub category of the skypod project. The aeropod is in all honesty a little more cool than skypod simply because unlike warp, you can actually see it zoom across ; which has a different effect on the senses. We will bring the aeropod to market & make it available to consumers next year and will keep the cost equivalent to buying a mid range suv in europe.(of course you’ll need a slightly bigger garage!)

We have several projects in the pipeline and will make each one accessible to the public in one form or another.

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This site contains 5 levels (lvl 0- 4). You are currently on ground level. To access different levels click the below links or the 'level' button on the top menu of a page. A site map with all pages of this site can be accessed from the home pages of every level by clicking on 'blue momentum project'. To make text more legible on some pages with a background (like this one) click anywhere on the text. While the home page of level 3 is still accessible, the rest of its contents are no longer available to the public.

For conference schedule, registration dates & other important information visit the media lounge.

level 0- genral info, media info, conference schedules,registration dates
level 1- unified theory info, contact info, articles
level 2- skypod/aeropod, articles
level 3- hyper advanced concepts
level 4- skypod updates, purchase information for blue momentum papers, conference passes & pod tickets.
site map- pages of the site.

-Levels 1 & 2 contain articles that are technical in nature; the general reader may skip them should they so choose.
-level 4 does not have the 'lvl' button.

A side note
Dont blink- Whether you are a student, scientist, reporter or just curious; if you would like to stay updated you will need to keep in sync and not blink. We work at an extremely fast pace with bursts of momentum in between. As an example- The skypod project began in late nov 2018 immediately after the unified theory. We estimated a 4 year period for skypod's completion and are now hoping to finish early; so keep up to stay informed lest you miss out on an opportunity.