Comfortable  research.

This site has been constructed with the help of volunteers & some nerds. It will always be in the public domain as will all its contents.You can send your art/pictures/music and ideas any time to be put up on the pages here and/or to be cosidered by us. You should be reminded that this is for your benefit and your being part of these projects is what makes progress happen. Since ours is not a profit making collaboration, it is open for individuals who may not know anything about the scientific field but still have an interest or may want to be a part of it...and so we made sure that both the conferences included the general person. Additionaly you are free to use the contents here in your digital environments for both personal and commercial purposes.(see usage rights section on the lounge page).The reality is that a 12 year old can easily understand the most complex of theories and ideas. The human brain is orders of magnitude more exceptional when you use it... Its a pretty sweet design isn't it!

From time to time, for our future projects there will always be a need for highly skilled individuals . Any new openings will be posted here. Your field of expertise is not as important as your logical ability. The most complex theory can be taught to a 12 year old but they wouldnt necessarily know how to use it, even though they can understand it ie. A 30 year experience and satiated knoweledge bank is good only if you have figured out how to use it. Its never the quantity of knowledge but a person’s inert ability to use that knowledge that truly matters. If you think you fit such a description then here is a short read through to help give you an idea of what it would be like to work with the blue momentum team.

The work atmosphere among the blue momentum team members is exceptionally energetic to say the least. We live and work in a more or less isolated environment. Our work commences without break on an average sleep cycle of 3 days per week. This is not an obligation but the result of collaboration between highly driven individuals. The mental and physical ability of the candidate needs to be in sync with the rest of the team. A training period of 4-6 months will apply to you which will include physical, intellectual, ethical, moral & logical development parameters. Your attitude needs to be one where you remain hyper focused constantly. As can be inferred from our so far projects, our work requires impeccable precision, intensity and is ridiculously exhaustive. On training completion, the candidate will be incorporated into the team for the particular project towards which they have applied. Note that inherently positive and happy applicants will almost always have a better chance with us.😀