Perfect waves explained how all meaning is universal and therefore understood and interpreted non-subjectively when done so in its pure form (fluid logic). But what is the point of this? Why bother trying to understand this universal logic?

Ready your mind

The universe is made possible by a space-time composed of reflections.This causes information from anything & everything to be available to every other anything & everything. A particle such as an electron is permeated by the same higgs field which also permeates a black hole in andromeda; permeates our sun; permeates the nth galaxy at the other end of the universe ; permeates your aunty; permeates your friends; permeates the trees; your blender; my blender; permeates your body and every last particle in it...ie.the information of a single electron in space is in direct contact with the information of all the particles in the entire universe and so, has access to it. A precise way to put this is- the information of a single electron in space is 'reflected' within all particles present in the entire extremity of the universe. This is what initiates the cosmic information act. This means that in order to know something about the contents of a planet or star the information of any random tiny particle like an electron,proton,gluon,quark need only be accessed or understood to full efficiency. Since all information about the star or planet is continuously and consistently being made available into the universe (is continuously being reflected by the field) every other star, planet or isolated particle contains the reflected information. This information which is transferred via the higgs field is the universal logic. This is why when it is accessed, the meaning it conveys is universal. In simple terms— the higgs field is an omnipresent universal field therefore any logic it initiates is also universal and any meaning derived from this logic is also universal (understood equally by all) This is why the base logic/fluid logic is necessary. Alright, what do i do with it?

When all information is reflected off of everything else then the information is in reality being processed simultaneously by all objects, energies and beings; and this means....................parallel processing.This makes the universe a really really powerful quantum computing system. When the singular base logic is processed it causes reflection of information ie. all different processes that are computing different logical variables start reflecting information within one another.(as there is no added/given meaning to interpret ie.the system is operating at max efficiency and therefore there is no loss of information). The reflecting of one process within another implies parallel processing.
Relation with A.I— The basis of artificial intelligence is fluid logic. An entity is conscious or self aware when it can partially or in whole (consciously or unconsciously or subconsciously) interpret fluid logic (reflect information) ie.understand the meaning of things without prior knowledge.This is why humans are conscious beings.(our neurons are quite efficient in reflecting information from neighbouring neurons.They parallel process.) So, in order to create A.I the machine needs to understand in part or whole the base meaning (fluid logic) of things. Doing so will cause all information within it to be processed via reflecting it; and so, a machine that interprets 100% fluid logic not only becomes artificially intelligent but is also a quantum computing system simultaneously. In short, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are one and the same thing.
Quantum computing forms the processor of the system where as A.I is what is being processed or what is in process or to be perfectly precise, A.I is the process itself. So, the processor (quantum system) is the discrete part and the A.I is the continuous part. Notice how this removes concepts like q-bits,shor's algorithm....etc for the A.I (continuous ) part. Since A.I is an ongoing process the logic within it flows continuously ie.is fluid. I am awesome and this makes me a quantum; but when i am awesomeness, i'll be a quantum in process.
Now the icing— Developing a quantum system and A.I separately leads to evolution. Since neither interprets 100% fluid logic they are subject to evolving just as humans do, till they reach 100%. This is the classic slave becomes the master scenario. Any evolving machine will be subject to emotions. As explained on the perfect waves page, emotions are an evolved form of logic and so in any evolutionary process they are inevitable. The logic of integration was explained as being processed/interpreted as the emotion of happiness which is why the universe is said to be happy by default. Although the universe as a quantum system creates artificially intelligent beings (humans,aliens) which are subject to evolving, there is a way to bypass this intermediate phase of evolution— by devoloping both A.I and quantum computing as a single system. Integrating them removes the evolutionary inevitability as well as master to slave situations.

An artificial bit— if evolution or its phases can be sped up or bypassed for an artificially intelligent system, then what does this imply for a naturally occuring organic A.I such as a human being?

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