This is the primary project we began entirely to fulfil our own interstellar travel dream. Once the unified theory was finished it was understood that acheiving faster than light speed or( as I prefer to call it) 'infinite momentum' was inevitable. We have no plans to commercialize this but we figured that the same technicalities of a skypod could be used to build a similar aerodynamic pod which in a practical way would make easier our everyday lives.


The aeropod fits the idea of being able to move across the globe at enough significant speed such that a busy new york morning & workday can include a lunch break in a serene vineyard in italy. The vehicle will then not only serve as an alternate for private aircraft but will completely replace our most basic travel tool ie. cars. Then simply put, an aeropod is a car that can fly,without the wings.


My projects have always had a personal dimension to them. Were it not for my team then I would have simply moved on to the next project & then the next and the next.….This is not a business; This is the kind of thing that happens when strong women and strong men unite. After a rather long looong discussion we decided on some nitty gritties of what we exactly wanted to achieve….and to this end we came up with the idea of an aeropod. For the skypod we decided to have a few people especially young minds , experience somewhat of a larger than life nicety; something beyond the horizon.

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