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Pinned Questions

Q- if everything integrates then in the future will our feelings also integrate into one feeling. Do advanced evolved aliens have such feelings.can they even feel emotions like love?

Kush, 9

A- every time you send us a mail you freak us out! Especially danny.! You are too young to be this mature! The answer to your question is Yes! They can feel emotions like love and infact they can only feel positive emotions. There are human beings as well who do not feel negative emotions like jealousy etc and that makes them evolved as well. Love in any form is connectedness which is why it is the base emotion of the universe and its existence is not almost infinite but truly infinite. Happiness is also a form of love.

Q- i read all papers 3rice and have only 1 question. Isnt perfect waves paper about symmetry? Cause in 4th paper you said charge is combo of asymmetrical flow of higgs field caused by asymmetrical magnetic field and again in 3rd paper its the length of quarks of a pion. If i got this right thats what you are trying to do with the pod when you say net neutral state( in the faqs on the site)…and thats exactly what TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) does. So in perfect waves 'they flow the same way’ means their magnetic fields align like in a magnet because of symmetry right? Also you say ’time has been diluted’ cause of seamless flow…so its the asymmetry that causes time? correct? by the way the same thing happens in a perfectly spherical object- black hole. because it doesnt create any gravitational waves either. did i understand this right?

Henriétte tolsma, 37

A- sensei, suki ni natte moi?

Q- according to first paper (free part )monopoles do not exist because everything is already a monopole?

Sheldonopolis, 26

A- The very existence of a mass creates magnetism. Now you know why and now you know why magnetism is without divergence.( unlike electric charge)

Q- In paper 3 strong women &men… below the picture of boson formation what are the angles referring to? Are these the running angles?

A- It couldn’t be that simple and easy to calculate them. Could it?!!

Q- hi, my dad is a physicist in connecticut and he explained the multiple orgasms b-hole paper to me. He is reading the blum-01 paper right now.Im in high school & will go for for B.sc next yr. He said that a non-rotating b-hole can live forever and for infinite lifetime. My question is 'will too many non-rotating b-holes in one place ultimately at some point in time break the space-time fabric? Or is it not possible to break it?'

Andrew, 17

A- if your dad understood and was able to explain the MO paper to you then he is among only 10% of professionals who did so whereas the emails we receive from experienced professionals have 90% of them who managed to understand the first( blum-01) paper. So when your dad finishes with this paper, I have no doubt your question will be answered with perfect clarity.

Q- My ques is not abt science stuff and you cud not reply but I was curios. Did fish incident really happen? If yes then you paused faster tan light pod & world progress for a fish?


A- ‘dude’ you really need to wrk on ur spellin nd sentence structure. Any way, since I have mentioned it on the website ,I guess it’s a relevant question. Well, the fish incident did happen and yes; it did delay the pod work for 2 years but it did not stall ‘progress’. You see progress is not made by gadgets or technology but it is made by developing your mind. A well formed integrated mind will speak, write, see and understand clearly and without effort. Such a mind will value and prioritize life and will be capable of using their own brain and give meaning to only those things that are non-superficial. The real irony is that the fish, was saved by a japanese person!!

Q- can you give some details about entanglement and information theory?

A- articles on entanglement and several other interesting topics (not just physics) are available to subscribers. See the skypodtickets page.

Q-light moves in a straight line in a vaccum but bends in a gravitational field.but light cant bend- actually space-time bends..Correct?



Q- Are you using quantum teleportation for the pod systems?

Sae Kawaguchi

A- no! By 'teleportation' i assume you mean a quantum computing system....as a different input/output (gate) would require that. We use regular computing and did ponder over inventing a quantum system but it would take too much time. Also, for a shorter journey a 'field map' isn't needed. When you travel through space you require a field map or space map, same as a gps, which can show you clearly your path and all objects ( including miniscule debri) and energies( ir,xray,gravitational waves..etc). This can only be done by a much more efficient system ie a quantum computer.

I have combined your questions and answered them together.
Q- Result of blue momentum paper- cosmological constant=0? parity is valid symmetry? When will you release other papers for my location?

Eita Hasashi

A- p-symmetry is a not only a true symmetry of space but a ’root’ symmetry of the universe. The vacuum pressure remains balanced at all times no matter the magnitude- no matter the energy density. The symmetry of the vacuum by itself thus remains intact continuously & indefinately. So the cosmological constant is not zero as there isn’t a need for one. As you have read in the paper, due to the nature of the scalar higgs field, vacuum fluctuations are precisely balanced at all scales and not just at the quantum level. Let me try this in a way you will understand. The existence of a mass( particle, planet ,Eita) separates it from the vacuum field. This mass is the space component and the vacuum is the time component. To establish a relationship between the two we need something that is constant and this is where we add ’c’ into the picture. Now space is a ’variable’ and time is also a 'variable'. ie they vary. When i merge the mass with the vacuum field i'm merging the space and time variables and i get something invariat — 'spacetime’. Now that i have merged the variables neither of them exist individually and so there is no such thing as ’time’ anymore. …and now i have no need for a constant (c) . The interesting bit is that the separated mass cannot really detach/isolate itself from the vacuum and its interaction with the vacuum (with regards to its energy) is always completely, utterly, painstakingly, delightfully, perfectly balanced. Let me quote kimbra ” i’m so stuck to your side, i can’t withdraw your high from mine.”
Space and time are variable because the interaction between them is asymmetrical. Further, a mass does not need to merge with space in order to remove time. If you can remove the asymmetry of the interaction of a mass and its ’you know what’ then the mass keeps existing and the time variable is removed as the mass and the vacuum have become symmetrical…..and now the mass can go faster than c.! (Remember- Spacetime is not rigid. It appears so due to asymmetry of a mass. As soon as you remove the asymmetry the rigidity vanishes.)
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Q- acceleration causes time dilation (special relativity) then where is symmetry linked with this?


A- Time exists due to the asymmetric magnetic field ie.asymmetric encapsulation of the higgs field around an object, particle or wave. As soon as the field becomes symmetric the inflowing field becomes both spacelike and timelike. Time is now completely dilated ie. acceleration is not required for 'moving' faster than light speed. In fact No movement is necessary at all.