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[You can always contact for general project related questions no matter if you are a scientist working in the sciences or a learning student or a layperson interested in our projects. While my team and I will try to answer your questions the best way we can, please refrain from tutoring & advice seeking mails. You are required to make a worthwhile effort & use all your resources before mailing us. If you do not take the time to learn or understand then my time is better spent elsewhere. As a simple test for yourself you can read the multiple orgasms paper on this level. If your jaw doesn't immediately drop with wonder and excitement then you still have a little more way to go. Be curious, enthusiastic and happy always. There will always be more to learn....for everyone! ]

-you are an individual who wants to contribute to develop an interstellar space capsule that can fly to the nearest star and planets and bring you home by lunchtime. ( we are not accepting donor contributions right now. If you want to contribute the best way is to purchase a skypod ticket when they become available)

-you have understood the unified theory thoroughly but have questions pertaining to the hyperadvanced concepts of blue momentum.[in this case; only if you have understood the basics should you contact me; whether you are an academic,brilliant scientist,genius or harry potter(dumbledore is an exception).This saves both our time.]

-you represent an educational institution who wishes to include material from blue momentum project in their curriculam.

-you are a chocolatier with exceptional skill who uses only natural non-synthetic high quality chocolate and will send me some every week.

-you are joe satriani and would like to jam.(bring your sunglasses & a pack of m&m's )

Invalid reasons to contact me

-you can feel the universe not moving; right after you bumped your head into a tree because you were distracted while thinking about the possibility of a non-moving, non-expanding universe.

-you want me to take your temperature the old fashoined way and you dont trust jesus.

-you have read the unified theory and have realised that propogating in the higgs field does not merely gain you entropy by radiating you away, but that it also causes a higgs burn.

-according to your calculations there should be 8388609 particles in all.

-you have a marketing strategy for a higgs burn cream. It involves using lasers along with vitamin C. ...and please make sure (or atleast try to ensure) that your mail doesn't have a brand message at the end--'sent from my (technical pain in the tushy)ipad' or 'sent from my (korean uncle's) samsung galaxy tab;'. Unless you have invented a quantum system before I have, keep it clean.

Project SKYPOD is currently underway. In case i'm gravitationally high, below you will find the official world wide media release of the completion of Einstien's unified field theory. You may use it freely without content modification for your publication, website, blog , channel...etc.( resize,recolour is acceptable) Rights for media institutions need to be purchased. See usage rights on the lounge page(level 0). The pdf can be accessed here. [link will be activated post papers release]

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Discovery: Unified field theory (UFT)
Subject: quantum physics/astro physics/gravitational physics
Research title: Blue Momentum Project
Researcher/author: Johnathan bloom awesome
Official briefing conference (September 2022) schedule & details at media lounge